printTable Command

CommandBox has a helper for printing ASCII Art tables in your custom commands and task runners called print.table(). We've taken this a step further and wrapped the table printer utility in a new command so you can use it from the CLI directly. The printTable command will accept ANY data in as JSON and it will marshal it into a query for you. This means it can be a query, an array of structs, an array or arrays, and more. You can now get quick and easy visualization of any data right from the CLI or in builds.


  • data - JSON serialized query, array of structs, or array of arrays to represent in table form

  • includeHeaders - A list of headers to include.

  • headerNames - A list/array of column headers to use instead of the default specifically for array of arrays

  • debug - Only print out the names of the columns and the first row values

When using an array of arrays and not specifying headerNames, the columns will be named col_1, col_2, col_3, etc...


# array of structs
printTable [{a:1,b:2},{a:3,b:4},{a:5,b:6}]

 a  b 
 1  2 
 3  4 
 5  6 
# array of arrays
printTable data=[[1,2],[3,4],[5,6]] headerNames=foo,bar

 foo │bar 
 1   │2   
 3   │4   
 5   │6   
# Query object
#extensionlist | printTable name,version

 name                                  version         
 MySQL                                 8.0.19          
 Microsoft SQL Server                  6.5.4           
 PostgreSQL                            9.4.1212        
 Ajax Extension                       
# JSON list of all servers
server list --json | printTable name,host,port,status

 name                        host                      port   status  
 servicetest                        54427  stopped 
 servicetest2                       52919  stopped 
 FRDemos                            50458  stopped 

Terminal Width

If you are running inside a build server, the terminal width will use a default setting, which may be smaller than you wish. Terminal width can be overridden for entire CLI

config set terminalWidth=150

or for a specific printTable command

#extensionlist | printTable width=150

or for a specific print.table() call

print.table( data=qry, width=150 )