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Adobe ColdFusion 2021 and later have a built in command in their server home called cfpm (ColdFusion Package Manager) used to install modules into the core of the ACF engine.

CommandBox provides a passthrough command called cfpm which will locate the Adobe server and invoke the correct cfpm.bat or script, passing along whatever arguments you've typed.

CommandBox> cfpm install orm,debugger,pdf

The CommandBox cfpm command will use the current working directory of the shell, or intercept data, if run from inside of a package script or server script to figure out which server to apply to. It will also ensure the JAVA_HOME env var is set for the process.

If you need to force cfpm to act upon a specfific CommandBox server, set the following env var before running it:

set CFPM_SERVER=my-CommandBox-server-name
cfpm install orm

You can also load packages using server.json and calling cfpm as a script:

        "onServerInitialInstall":"cfpm install websocket"

More information about scripts can be found in Server Scripts

Script Alias

CommandBox adds a /cf_scripts/scripts alias for you any time you start an Adobe CF server. This alias points to the same folders in the root of the Adobe WAR. If you set a custom scripts src path in the CF administrator then you'll want to ensure CommandBox uses the expected alias.

There is a setting called web.adobeScriptsAlias which allows you to control the public, web-accessible path to the scripts folder that CommandBox creates for you.

server set web.adobeScriptAlias=/my-scripts

For Multi-Site, Adobe's Script Alias settings can be configured on a per-site basis in the sites object of the server.json or in a .site.json file.

If you want to entirely disable the Adobe script alias, you can set that setting to an empty string.

server set web.adobeScriptAlias=

If you're using CFConfig as well to manage your Adobe CF configuration, note that CFConfig is smart enough to adjust automatically to this setting.

  • If a web.adobeScriptsAlias is set in CommandBox and there is not a custom CFConfig setting, then the same alias will be set into ACF via CFConfig.

  • If CFConfig has a custom CFFormScriptDirectory setting but CommandBox doesn’t have a custom adobeScriptsAlias setting, then default CommandBox’s alias to be the one set in CFConfig.

So basically, you can set the script directory either in CFConfig or in your server.json and the other will follow suite with no additional effort.

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