Adobe cfpm

Adobe ColdFusion 2021 and later have a built in command in their server home called cfpm (ColdFusion Package Manager) used to install modules into the core of the ACF engine.
CommandBox provides a passthrough command called cfpm which will locate the Adobe server and invoke the correct cfpm.bat or script, passing along whatever arguments you've typed.
CommandBox> cfpm install orm,debugger,pdf
The CommandBox cfpm command will use the current working directory of the shell, or intercept data, if run from inside of a package script or server script to figure out which server to apply to. It will also ensure the JAVA_HOME env var is set for the process.
If you need to force cfpm to act upon a specfific CommandBox server, set the following env var before running it:
set CFPM_SERVER=my-CommandBox-server-name
cfpm install orm