What's New in 5.2.1

There is now a new "forgebox logout" command you can use for testing or just to remove your API token from the local CLI.

# Logout one user
forgebox logout username

# logout all users
forgebox logout

You can change CommandBox's default tab completion to be an inline list that follows your cursor. This setting requires you to close and re-open the shell to take affect.

config set tabCompleteInline=true

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We've added better debugging information for Server Profiles. If you add the --verbose flag to your server start, you'll be able to see what profile was detected for your server, and what baked-in rules have been turned on as a result.

   | √ | Setting Server Profile to [development]
   |   |------------------------------------------------------
   |   | Profile set from "environment" env var
   |   | Block CF Admin disabled
   |   | Block Sensitive Paths enabled
   |   | Block Flash Remoting enabled
   |   | Directory Browsing enabled
   |   |------------------------------------------------------

We've added a new Single Server Mode you can enable in the CLI to make using CommandBox in Docker images easier.

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Release Notes

Here are the release notes for the 5.2.1 release.


  • [COMMANDBOX-1231] - Installing via lex endpoint uses incorrect file extension

  • [COMMANDBOX-1232] - Location of predicate file is in a folder that the Docker finalization script deletes

  • [COMMANDBOX-1238] - Command alas for run command doesn't expand properly

New Feature


  • [COMMANDBOX-1227] - verbose server start output for profile and security settings

  • [COMMANDBOX-1228] - Extend ${} scopes to apply to any getSetting() call or "env show" command

  • [COMMANDBOX-1229] - Modules aren't unloaded on reload or shutdown

  • [COMMANDBOX-1233] - Add debug output that shows location of commandbox.properties file on start

  • [COMMANDBOX-1234] - Add single server mode for CommandBox in a Docker container

  • [COMMANDBOX-1236] - Add Testbox runner to sensitive paths in production profile

  • [COMMANDBOX-1241] - Use UTF-8 when reading files with "cat" command