What's New in 5.3.1

Updated bundled Java libraries

  • JLine - 3.19.0

  • jGit -

  • Launch4j - 3.14

  • JANSI - 2.3.2

Recursive jar scanning libDirs

When you configure libDirs for a server, CommandBox used to only load jar files found in the root. Now it will include sub directories which gives you more flexibility around how to install your jars.

# Jar installs to lib/jline-3.0.0.M1/jline-3.0.0.M1.jar
install "jar:https://search.maven.org/remotecontent?filepath=jline/jline/3.0.0.M1/jline-3.0.0.M1.jar"

# Load up the jar when the server starts
server set app.libDirs=lib

New printTable Command

In the previous release, we introduced a new helper for printing ASCII Art tables in your custom commands and task runners. We've taken this a step further and wrapped the table printer utiilty in a new command so you can use it from the CLI directly. We've also expanded its functionality to accept ANY data in as JSON and it will marshall it into a query for you. This means it can be a query, an array of structs, an array or arrays, and more. You can now get quick and easy visualization of any data right from the CLI or in builds.

# array of structs
printTable [{a:1,b:2},{a:3,b:4},{a:5,b:6}]

 a  b 
 1  2 
 3  4 
 5  6 

# array of arrays
printTable data=[[1,2],[3,4],[5,6]] headerNames=foo,bar

 foo  bar 
 1    2   
 3    4   
 5    6   

# Query object
#extensionlist | printTable name,version

 name                                     version           
 MySQL                                    8.0.19            
 Microsoft SQL Server (Vendor Microsoft) │ 6.5.4             ║
 PostgreSQL                               9.4.1212          
 Ajax Extension                            

# JSON list of all servers
server list --json | printTable name,host,port,status

 name                          host                         port   status  
 servicetest                             54427  stopped 
 servicetest2                            52919  stopped 
 FRDemos                                 50458  stopped 

New sql command for on-the-fly manipulation of data

As if the previous command isn't cool enough, we've also added a new "sql" command which will also accept any sort of data as JSON, marshall it into a query object and allow you to alias, filter, order, and limit the rows on the fly using CFML's query of queries!

# filter, sort, limit, and select extensions installed into the CLI (output as table)
#extensionlist  | sql select=id,name where="name like '%sql%'" orderby=name limit=3 | printTable

# order and select JSON data from a file (output as JSON)
cat myfile.json | sql select=col1,col2 orderby=col2

# limit JSON (output as table)
sql data=[{a:1,b:2},{a:3,b:4},{a:5,b:6}] where="a > 1" | printTable

The sql command works very nicely with the new tablePrinter command, and truly makes JSON a first class citizen of the CommandBox CLI.

Small change to print.table() helper

We've made a small adjustment to the print.table() helper that was introduced in CommandBox 5.3.1 as follows. The old method signature is

public string function print(
	required any headers,
	array data=[],
	string includeHeaders        
) {

And the new method signature is:

public string function print(
	required any data=[],
	any includedHeaders="",
	any headerNames="",
	boolean debug=false
) {

The parameters to the new printTable command matches the NEW method signature of the print.table() helper as well.

Format XML in REPL

When working with XML in the REPL, formatting is now applied when the XML is printed out to the console, making it easier to read (same as JSON)

❯ repl "XMLParse( '<root><brad>wood</brad></root>' )"

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?><root>

Release Notes


COMMANDBOX-1320 Server stop doesn't message user when it fails

COMMANDBOX-1319 Stop loading cfusion/lib in system class loader

COMMANDBOX-1318 5.3.0 errors with commandbox-dotenv 1.x versions due to WireBox change

COMMANDBOX-1314 When building Lucee war from local jars, seeded web.xml file is ignored

COMMANDBOX-1311 Table printer error with no rows

COMMANDBOX-1310 update '{slug}' fails as it is trying to print the package version and its dependencies.

COMMANDBOX-1308 Relative Web Alias Behavior (regression)

COMMANDBOX-1307 jq doesn't resolve file paths to current working directory

COMMANDBOX-1303 CFEngine adobe - Could not initialize class coldfusion.vfs.VFile when using s3 protocol


COMMANDBOX-1328 Improve performance of piping large strings to "cfml" command


COMMANDBOX-1316 Change default CLI JSON representation of query to array of structs

COMMANDBOX-1306 Allow upgrade command to pull stable versions when CLI is a prerelease version

COMMANDBOX-1305 Update bundled java libraries

COMMANDBOX-1302 app.libDirs does not load jars/classes recursively from sub folders

COMMANDBOX-1210 Allow for relative URLs when defining trayoption elements

COMMANDBOX-1194 Add Libraries To Runwar Necessary For URLRewrite Proxy

New Feature

COMMANDBOX-1324 New "printTable" command to add CLI usage of table printer

COMMANDBOX-1323 New "sql" command to filter tabular data with SQL

COMMANDBOX-1321 Add --verbose to 'server stop' to see raw output

COMMANDBOX-1309 Add printTable command that proxies to print.table() helper