Packages that are either stored locally on your machine or are accessible via a network drive in an unzipped folder can be installed by using their file system path. The path can be absolute or relative.

Make sure your package folder has a box.json inside of it so CommandBox can tell the version and name of the package. If there is no box.json, the name of the last folder in the path will be used as the package name.


To install a package from a local folder, use the path like so:

install /var/libs/myPackage/

Note if using Windows, you need to escape backslashes in the command parameter.

install C:\\websites\libs\\myPackage\\

Relative paths will start in the directory where the command is being run from.

install libs/myPackage/
install ../../libs/myPackage2/

In box.json

You can specify packages from folder endpoints as dependencies in your box.json in this format. Remember, JSON requires that backslashes be escaped.

    "dependencies" : {
        "myPackage" : "/var/libs/myPackage/"
        "myPackage2" : "C:\\websites\libs\\myPackage\\"