This object stored configuration information used by the TestBox BDD and xUnit testing library. The data is accessed by commands in the testbox command namespace.


string or array

testbox.runner can be a simple string that contains the full runner URL.

"testbox" : {
    "runner" : "http://localhost/tests/runner.cfm"
package set testbox.runner="http://localhost/tests/runner.cfm"
package show testbox.runner
testbox run

testbox.runner can alternatively be an array of objects containing "named" runner URLs.

"testbox" : {
    "runner" : [
        { "cf11"   : "http://cf9.localhost/tests/runner.cfm" },
        { "lucee" : "http://railo.localhost/tests/runner.cfm" }
package set testbox.runner="[ { default : 'http://localhost/tests/runner.cfm' } ]" --append
package show testbox.runner
testbox run default


Our box.json template shows other placeholder properties inside the testbox object, but only runner is implemented for now.

In the future, the testbox object may be moved into a separate JSON file for organizational purposes.