What's new in 4.8.0

Cached HTTP Downloads

You can now cache downloads using the HTTP(S) endpoints using the following syntaxes:

install https+cached://downloads.ortussolutions.com/ortussolutions/coldbox-modules/cbi18n/1.4.0/cbi18n-1.4.0.zip

start cfengine=http+cached://update.lucee.org/rest/update/provider/forgebox/

This will speed up builds.

Change to Previous Directory

Thanks to a pull request from John Berquist, we've borrowed a Bash and Powershell feature of being able to change back to your previous working directory by typing this:

cd -

Better Tab Completion

Thanks to more pull requests from John Berquist, you can use file and folder based tab completion when typing native binaries from CommandBox

!foo bar "C:/Program Files/baz/myFile.cf_

And tab completion also works better now when typing a quoted string such as a file path that contains a space. This is a huge timesaver!

cd "C:/program Fi_

Access to Intercept data in package scripts

Package scripts that are fired from internal interception points, can access any intercept data via environment variables. This example writes a file into a server home directory when the server starts, using an environment variable to dynamically find the correct path.

package set scripts.onServerStart="touch \$ {interceptData.SERVERINFO.serverHomeDirectory}/hi.txt"

Release Notes

Here are the full release notes for CommandBox 4.8.0:


  • [COMMANDBOX-991] - Can't always install modules - git error: Directory already exists

  • [COMMANDBOX-994] - regex metachars not escaped properly in first token of run command

  • [COMMANDBOX-998] - testbox watch command doesn't obey verbose flag in box.json

  • [COMMANDBOX-999] - Sometimes line breaks leak to console when using expansions

  • [COMMANDBOX-1000] - Pass ad-hoc parameters to package scripts

  • [COMMANDBOX-1003] - Servers bound to don't open useful browser URL

  • [COMMANDBOX-1030] - unicode chars not read from readme files when publishing

  • [COMMANDBOX-1040] - Native OS execution doesn't handle exit on fail for *nix

  • [COMMANDBOX-1041] - Install path not respected when createPackageDirectory set to false

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