What's New in 3.7.0

What's New

  • Task Runners - Run ad-hoc builds from the CLI written in CFML (Read more)

  • Manage System Packages - update, list, and uninstall system modules (Read more)

  • File Globbing - Use place holders like **.cfc for file operations to affect more than one file at a time. (Read more)

  • Command Aliases - Alias your favorite commands for easy access in the future (Read more)

  • Global Command Parameter Defaults - Set common parameters to have a given value at a global level (Read more)

  • System Settings - Utilize environment variables to make your package and servers more dynamic (Read more)

  • Testbox Run - Improved, minimalist output to the "testbox run" command (Read more)

  • TestBox Watchers - Watch a directory for file changes and run your unit tests (Read more)

  • Customize REST Servlets - Customize or disable the REST servlet paths on Lucee and Adobe servers (Read more)

  • Custom Java Versions - Start your CF servers with any version of Java you want (Read more)

  • Property files - New commands and helper libs for dealing with property files (Read more)

  • Basic Authentication - Enable basic security on your servers with unlimited users (Read more)

  • Custom URL to Open - Customize the browser URL that opens when you start a server (Read more)

  • Disable Tray Icon - Turn off the system tray icon for your servers entirely (Read more)

  • Show Proxy IP - Servers pass through the original user IP through proxies

  • Jar Endpoint - Install 3rd party jars into your projects (Read more)

Release Notes


  • [COMMANDBOX-176] - Server start tries to open HTTP URL even if it's disabled

  • [COMMANDBOX-474] - testbox run with runner urls that have a query string fail

  • [COMMANDBOX-525] - cf_scripts folder not working on Adobe 2016

  • [COMMANDBOX-600] - Catastrophic runner errors in testbox run don't fail tests

  • [COMMANDBOX-611] - errors if you start second CLI while first one is using the temp dir

  • [COMMANDBOX-616] - TestBox scaffolds are missing super calls for beforeAll/afterAll

  • [COMMANDBOX-621] - Prevent two servers from getting the same name

  • [COMMANDBOX-625] - Basic auth doesn't set cgi.remote_user

  • [COMMANDBOX-651] - unregister method in interceptor service doesn't work

New Feature


  • [COMMANDBOX-568] - Better error message for invalid JSON in a server.json file


  • [COMMANDBOX-429] - Update debian build signing to be higher than SHA-256

  • [COMMANDBOX-586] - If publishing but not logged into forgebox, prompt for login instead of just erroring

  • [COMMANDBOX-597] - Clean up SSL cert and key file parameters for server start

  • [COMMANDBOX-601] - Improve HTML to ANSI conversion on larger strings

  • [COMMANDBOX-602] - Refactor JSON formatter to separate lib for reuse

  • [COMMANDBOX-606] - Add trace flag for starting server

  • [COMMANDBOX-612] - Improve output of "testbox run" command

  • [COMMANDBOX-617] - Remove deprecated and unused properties from box.json with init

  • [COMMANDBOX-618] - Don't try to output binary data in REPL

  • [COMMANDBOX-622] - Show "last started" datetime for servers

  • [COMMANDBOX-623] - Customize URL that opens when starting server

  • [COMMANDBOX-626] - Allow commandbox-modules to register endpoints

  • [COMMANDBOX-646] - Enhance parser to allow quoted spaces in parameter names

  • [COMMANDBOX-650] - WireBox injection DSL allow to drill down into Config Settings

  • [COMMANDBOX-652] - Command to remove trailing spaces from code files

  • [COMMANDBOX-657] - Allow console flag to be stored in server.json like every other setting

  • [COMMANDBOX-658] - Allow publishing of private packages