ForgeBox Enterprise is an offering by Ortus Solutions that allows you to have a custom and private hosted version of ForgeBox for your company to use. You can always use the public ForgeBox version if you want too.

All the goodness of the community version, but with the exclusivity and security of your own instance to collaborate, modernize and conquer!


FORGEBOX ENTERPRISE is a hosted private software registry with exclusive security, collaboration and scalability features. Empower your development teams to build applications rapidly, modern and secure. FORGEBOX ENTERPRISE will enhance development team the following capabilities:

  • Private software registry to manage and shared code packages (engines, projects, demos, modules, etc. ) across your organization.

  • Public or Private packages

  • Internal collaborators and access controls

  • Custom named integration with CommandBox CLI.

  • Fine grained User Access Control, Roles and Permissions.

  • Package type management

  • Scalable Artifact Storage

  • Up to 250GB of storage included

  • SSL Included

  • Software firewall included

  • Artifact CDN Included

  • Enterprise Support, SLAs and mentorship

  • Containerized Environment with redundancy and scalability

  • Package Security Audits (**Coming Soon)

  • Package white and black lists (**Coming Soon)

  • Two-factor authentication (**Coming Soon)

  • Single Sign On (**Coming Soon)

Please note that you will need CommandBox 4.5 or later to integrate ForgeBox with your own endpoint.