What's New in 4.1.0

Release Highlights

  • Fixed the annoying "server spanner" error that *nix users saw when starting servers.

  • Updated CLI engine (and default server) version to Lucee which includes an important security fix.

  • Added a new "noninteractive" setting to improve the output on build servers like Jenkins or Travis-CI

  • Task runner metadata changes picked up without needing to reload the CLI

  • Ability to load ad-hoc modules on the fly from Task Runners

Release Notes

Here's the full list of tickets we addressed in the 4.1.0 release. Thanks to those who send me pull requests for some of these fixes and features!


New Feature

  • [COMMANDBOX-669] - Localized CommandBox Modules

  • [COMMANDBOX-793] - Add new slugify function to the formatter utility

  • [COMMANDBOX-794] - When creating coldbox skeleton apps, clear out the basic name, slug, version, location and scripts so the user can configure them

  • [COMMANDBOX-797] - Added new bundles,labels,verbose,directory arguments to the testbox watch command to allow for granular executions

  • [COMMANDBOX-798] - Added verbose options to passthrough to the testbox runner so it true it can return the debug buffer


  • [COMMANDBOX-792] - Remove legacy installColdbox, installColdboxBE, installTestbox arguments from create commands

  • [COMMANDBOX-796] - Added ability to visualize the exception stacktraces with a configurable depth.

  • [COMMANDBOX-800] - Add setting to force "non interactive" shell that disables fancypants progress output

  • [COMMANDBOX-803] - Change user agent on downloader to get around proxies like cloudflare

  • [COMMANDBOX-804] - Store less "result" text in CommandBox's servers.json

  • [COMMANDBOX-807] - Upgrade core Lucee engine to