Installation Options

There are several options you can use to control how a package is installed.

Saving dependencies

By default, any package you install will be saved as a dependency. To save it as a development dependency instead, use the --saveDev flag.

install testbox --saveDev

If you DON'T want the package you're installing to be saved as a dependency pass save=false or negate the save flag as --!save.

install cborm --!save

Production Installation

When you install a package, all dependencies will be installed. If you want to skip development dependencies, use the --production flag. This will also cause CommandBox to obey the package's ignore property in its box.json.

install cbvalidation --production

Verbose Installation

If you're a glutton for information, or perhaps you just want to debug what's going on, set the --verbose flag to get extra debugging information out of the install command including a list of every file that's installed.

install cbi18n --verbose

Forced Installation

If CommandBox sees the directory that it was going to install into already exists with a newer or equal version of the package inside, it will decline to install again since it would be overwriting what's already there. If you want to install anyway, use the --force flag.

install cbsoap --force