Here are the requirements for installing and using CommandBox on your system. Notice some of these such as RAM and disk space depend on how many features you will plan on using. For instance, the shell only allocates about 256MB of RAM to run, but if you plan on starting embedded servers, that will spawn additional threads-- each of which will consume their own memory.

Operating System

  • Windows XP+

  • Mac OS

  • Linux


  • 256MB+ RAM

  • 250MB+ free hard drive space

  • Multi-core CPU recommended


A Java JRE is listed as a software requirement, but if you have a brand new PC with no JRE we have a download option that contains the Java Runtime bundled with it.

It is recommend to use Java 11, but there is preliminary support for Java 17. Keep in mind, not all CF engines support Java 17, so if you use it for the CLI, you may want to set your default server JRE to use Java 11.