Command Help

Help is integrated at every level in CommandBox. You can help global help, namespace help, or command help at any time.

Global Help

To get an overall list of all the commands you have available to run, simply type help at the shell.

Namespace Help

Next, drill down and get help on a specific namespace like server.

Command Help

And finally, get help on a single command such as server stop. We can see the command is also aliased as just stop as well as all the possible parameters and their types along with a few sample ways to call the command.

HTML Command API Docs

For a full list of all the commands that ship with CommandBox as well as all their paramaters and samples, please visit our Command API docs which are auto-generated each build. This is the same information available to you via the help command, but in a searchable format you can browse outside of the CLI.

System Logs

Sometimes, you need to view the CommandBox log file. Maybe it is to debug a command you are writing or to submit a crash report. The system-log command outputs the path to the CommandBox log file. You can use it creatively by piping its output in to other commands:

CommandBox> system-log | open
CommandBox> system-log | cat
CommandBox> system-log | tail