What's New in 3.4.0

Bug Fixes

This release fixes an issue where Adobe CF servers will not start if you're machine is offline and also fixes a bug where the previous version of CommandBox didn't correctly remove old versions of jar files on upgrade.


Git tags when bumping a package command can have a custom prefix now. Tab completion options are also alphabetized. Ctrl-C is also handled better on Unix and actually works in Windows! Also, the timestamp on your sever.json file won't be updated unless the contents of the file actually changed.

Release Notes

Here is the full list of everything that changed in the CommandBox 3.4.0 release.


  • [COMMANDBOX-471] - Adobe Servers won't start offline

  • [COMMANDBOX-472] - start serverConfigFile=myServer.json doesn't load json settings

  • [COMMANDBOX-475] - Adobe web.xml Flex config path is wrong after first engine start

  • [COMMANDBOX-480] - Error checking whether server is running

  • [COMMANDBOX-484] - cflib-coldbox endpoint creates invalid CFML for Adobe

  • [COMMANDBOX-485] - write history before command finishes

  • [COMMANDBOX-491] - Coldbox create interceptor doesn't create test with proper CFC mapping

  • [COMMANDBOX-492] - war path not stored in server.json as relative path

  • [COMMANDBOX-494] - CFML upgrades don't delete removed files

  • [COMMANDBOX-496] - Forgetting a named server deletes the 'default' server.json too

New Feature