What's New in 5.7.0

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The notable updates include:

  • Updated version of JBoss Undertow, which contains security fixes

  • Updated version of Lucee to 5.3.10 which also contains library security updates

  • New "artifacts prune" command to remove older artifacts that haven't been used recently

  • Improved "upgrade" command which can also update new jars (you'll be able to use this in the NEXT update!)

  • Support for PFX cert file for server SSL

And here are the full release notes:

New Feature

COMMANDBOX-1535 update coldbox resources to support api resources

COMMANDBOX-1536 artifacts prune command


COMMANDBOX-1507 Use user.home instead of user.dir to test case sensitivity

COMMANDBOX-1510 Cursor position get's off-track when using a multiselect with content that exceeds the terminal size

COMMANDBOX-1511 ModCFML doesn't save actual Lucee webConfigDir

COMMANDBOX-1513 Runwar server's regex path info filter doesn't take servlet context into account

COMMANDBOX-1517 Two servers get same name when moving folder

COMMANDBOX-1518 Can't pass Windows drive letter to "open" command

COMMANDBOX-1519 Error passing empty version to "java search" command

COMMANDBOX-1524 Interactive job logs don't obey terminal width config setting

COMMANDBOX-1525 REPL errors when representing some Java objects

COMMANDBOX-1527 recipe file validation fails

COMMANDBOX-1528 Java integration doesn't recognize ARM CPUs

COMMANDBOX-1533 coldbox resources command failing on relative models directory not found


COMMANDBOX-1378 make "upgrade" command handle new jars

COMMANDBOX-1499 Support pfx format for server certs

COMMANDBOX-1512 Have fileAppend (>>) and fileWrite (>) commands create missing parent directories

COMMANDBOX-1514 REPL obey verboseErrors config setting

COMMANDBOX-1516 cfpm doesn't find Adobe server with different web root

COMMANDBOX-1520 Make client cert CGI vars available immediately after SSL renegotiation

COMMANDBOX-1521 Add --json to artifacts list

COMMANDBOX-1523 Touch artifacts on use so we can prune unused ones easier

COMMANDBOX-1534 Update coldbox resources command to latest version


COMMANDBOX-1526 Update bundled JRE to 11.0.17+8

COMMANDBOX-1529 Update Undertow lib in Runwar

COMMANDBOX-1530 Update json-smart-mini and Lucee libs

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