If you already have a Java JRE installed level 1.8 or higher (and set in your environment variables) you can download the non-JRE version for your Operating System. If you don't have a JRE installed or aren't sure, we would recommend you download the version with a JRE included. Below you will find the way to get the latest stable and bleeding edge releases. Please also note that in our installation page you will find much more detail information on how to install CommandBox with modern Operating System package managers as well.

Info The non-JRE versions are all around 80MB in size, while the embedded JRE versions will go up to 120MB in size.

Below you can see an image of the available downloads from the Ortus Solutions download page:

Stable Release

Stable versions of CommandBox can be downloaded from the downloads section of our product page.

Bleeding Edge

We use a Jenkins integration server to automate our builds. You can download a bleeding-edge version of CommandBox directly from our integration server here:

Info Keep in mind, bleeding edge builds may contain experimental features that are likely to change or bugs.

Auto Updates

Another way to get the bleeding edge version of CommandBox is to install the stable version and run our upgrade command using the latest flag. Upgrade API docs.

upgrade --latest

Info Please note that the upgrade command will not update the main CommandBox binary. If there are major updates or you get a message about updating the binary, you will need to download the latest binary and re-install it.