CommandBox allows you to create web aliases for the web server that are similar to virtual directories. The alias path is relative to the folder the server.json lives in, but can point to any folder on the hard drive. Aliases can be used for static or CFM files.

Remember, relative paths configured in a JSON file (whether server.json, or .site.json, etc) will be resolved relative to the folder that the JSON file lives in!

To configure aliases for your server, create an object under web called aliases. The keys are the web-accessible virtual paths and the corresponding values are the relative or absolute path to the folder the alias points to.

Here's what your server.json might look like.

  "web" : {
    "aliases" : {
      "/foo" : "bar",
      "/js" : "C:\static\shared\javascript"

Here's how to create aliases from the server set command:

server set web.aliases./foo = bar
server set web.aliases./js = C:\static\shared\javascript

info On Adobe ColdFusion servers, .cfm files will be run automatically from inside an aliases directory. On Railo and Lucee servers, you'll need to create a CF mapping that maps the alias name and path for .cfm files to work.

For Multi-Site, web alias settings can be configured on a per-site basis in the sites object of the server.json or in a .site.json file.

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