What's New in 2.0.0

We Love Lucee

The biggest feature is the switch-over from Railo to Lucee as the underlying CLI engine that powers the REPL and commands. The embedded server now also runs Lucee 4.5 as well. If you require a Railo embedded server, you will need to stay on CommandBox 1.1.1 for now.

Endpoint Support

Another major new feature is support for different endpoints when installing packages in addition to ForgeBox. Now packages can be installed from the following locations:

  • Local zip file

  • Local folder

  • HTTP/HTTPS URL that points to a package zip

  • ForgeBox (default)

The ForgeBox endpoint now also has rudimentary support for targeting a specific version. If you request a specific version of a package to be installed, and it is in your artifacts cache, no network calls will be made. This allows completely offline installations! Here are some examples:

install coldbox
install coldbox@4.0.0
install C:/myZippedPackages/foobar.zip
install C:/myUnzippedPackages/foobar/
install http://site.com/foobar.zip
install https://site.com/foobar.zip

We also have a nice collection of bug fixes. Below are the full release notes for CommandBox 2.0.0.

Release Notes - CommandBox - Version 2.0.0


  • [COMMANDBOX-211] - CommandBox caches .cfm files between executions

  • [COMMANDBOX-214] - Lucee version leaves tons of old jars on upgrade

  • [COMMANDBOX-218] - Script repl confused on paranthesis or quotes

  • [COMMANDBOX-223] - coldbox create model command doesn't escape "open" parameters

  • [COMMANDBOX-224] - Coldbox create model creates incorrect testcase w/ no methods

  • [COMMANDBOX-225] - Calling `forgebox slugcheck` with empty slugname throws error

  • [COMMANDBOX-232] - osx brew installation broken for commandbox 2.0

  • [COMMANDBOX-237] - Application times out and wirebox references die

  • [COMMANDBOX-238] - Dev installation w/out package directory overwrites box.json

New Feature