Test Runner

Run unit test suite from the command line

There is a testbox run command available that will run your unit or integration tests from the command line. All you need is to have your server running (it doesn't have to be a CommandBox server).

Run your test suite like so (modify the runner URL to match your site).

testbox run "http://localhost:8080/tests/runner.cfm"

This will hit your runner URL and output a CLI-formatted report of your test results. If your test suite failed, the command will also return a failing status code when being run from your native shell. This makes integrations with CI tools like Jenkins or Travis-CI very easy since a failing test will fail your build automatically.

Default runner URL

You can also set up the default runner URL in your box.json and it will be used for you. Setting the URL is a one-time operation.

package set testbox.runner="http://localhost:8080/tests/runner.cfm"
testbox run

You can also use a relative path and CommandBox will look up the host and port from your server settings.

package set testbox.runner="/tests/runner.cfm"
testbox run

The default runner URL of the testbox run command is /tests/runner.cfm so there's actually no need to even configure it if you're using the default convention location for your runner.

Multiple Output Formats

You can run your tests and post-produce many reporting results, great for CI purposes

testbox run outputformats=json,antjunit,simple
testbox run outputformats=json,antjunit,simple outputFile=myresults

Arbitrary URL options

You can set arbitrary URL options in our box.json like so

package set testbox.options.opt1=value1
package set testbox.options.opt2=value2

You can set arbitrary URL options when you run the command like so

testbox run options:opt1=value1 options:opt2=value2

Both of those examples will include ?opt1=value1&opt2=value2 on the runner URL.

Additional Settings

There are a number of settings you can provide to the testbox run command to control exactly what tests run and how much output is included. Each of these can also be set in your box.json. Run this for more information.

testbox run help

Example Output

Here is an example of the non-verbose output.

testbox run --noVerbose

Executing tests via, please wait...
TestBox v2.5.0+107
| Passed  | Failed  | Errored | Skipped | Time    | Bundles | Suites  | Specs   |
| 8       | 0       | 0       | 0       | 112 ms  | 1       | 3       | 8       |

Code Coverage

If you run tests on a server with FusionReactor installed and you are using TestBox 2.9 or greater, you will have code coverage reported in the CLI output as a percentage as well as the LOC (lines of code) that were tracked.