Packages hosted on a website as a zip file can be installed by using the direct URL to the package. Both HTTP and HTTPS URLs are supported. If the URL returns a 301 or 302 redirect, it will be followed until the package is reached.

Make sure your package zip file has a box.json inside of it so CommandBox can tell the version and name of the package. If there is no box.json, the following rules will be decided to determine the name of the package:

  1. If the URL has the zip file name in it, the name without ".zip" is used.

  2. If the URL contains, the repo name will be used.

  3. Otherwise, the entire URL will have non alpha-numeric characters removed and used.


To install a package from a website, use the full URL like so:


In box.json

You can specify packages from HTTP(S) endpoints as dependencies in your box.json in this format:

    "dependencies" : {
        "myPackage" : ""

Cached URLs

If you know a given URL will always return the exact same package, then you can request CommandBox to cache the download in local artifacts to speed up builds. To do so, use an endpoint name of https+cached or http+cached in your install ID.

install https+cached://


start cfengine=http+cached://

Cached artifacts will be stored under the slug HTTP_Cached and can be viewed like so:

 artifacts list HTTP_Cached