ask and confirm

Here are some fun commands for user interactivity in the shell. You can use these as part of a recipe or a nice "one-liner".


The ask command is similar to the ask() method in Task Runners. It requires an interactive terminal and will ask the user a question and return their answer. It is meant to be changed with other commands.

set color=`ask "favorite Color? "`
echo "you said ${color}"

or with default values

ask question="Who is cool? " defaultResponse="Balbino!"

or with masked input

ask question="What is your password? " mask=*

Or fun stuff like this

ask "Secret phrase: " | assertEqual "mockingbird" || echo "access denied!" && exit 1


The confirm command will ask the user a yes/no question and return a passing or failing exit code from the command based on the answer.

confirm "do you want to update your packages? " && update

Remember the && operator will only execute the second command if the first command returns an exit code of 0.