What's New in 4.6.0

Release Notes


  • [COMMANDBOX-934] - Server commands can have huge delay on Windows

  • [COMMANDBOX-937] - List artifacts alphabetically.

  • [COMMANDBOX-939] - /usr/bin/open on Linux

  • [COMMANDBOX-942] - Errors in command CFCs can cause box to exit completely during tab complete

  • [COMMANDBOX-949] - Running native binary that returns lots of text can perform poorly

  • [COMMANDBOX-950] - Interceptor service blows up if you register a module with an interceptor not matching any current states

  • [COMMANDBOX-951] - Allow modules to register an interceptor with no currently valid states

  • [COMMANDBOX-953] - Catch errors from desktop.isDesktopSupported()

New Feature

  • [COMMANDBOX-930] - Allow system setting (env var) expansions in REPL

  • [COMMANDBOX-932] - Improve task DSL to allow access to exit code

  • [COMMANDBOX-944] - Add config setting to debug raw native command being used in the "run" command


  • [COMMANDBOX-249] - Enforce correct casing conventions on scaffolding commands

  • [COMMANDBOX-927] - Update propertyFile core module

  • [COMMANDBOX-928] - Improve default ignores in box.json from init command.

  • [COMMANDBOX-929] - Disable ping to time server host by default

  • [COMMANDBOX-931] - Allow exit code to be returned via "return" keyword

  • [COMMANDBOX-935] - Improve syntax highlighting in REPL

  • [COMMANDBOX-938] - Checking interrupted status from inside a thread doesn't end the task/command

  • [COMMANDBOX-943] - Remove hint from default CFC in Lucee for CommandBox CFCs with no hint of their own

  • [COMMANDBOX-945] - Endpoint URL shows incorrectly for forgebox endpoints

  • [COMMANDBOX-948] - Enhance tab complete for private slugs