Server Scripts

Server scripts work just like Package Scripts, but they only apply to server-related interceptor points, and they go in your server.json. If you have several servers in a folder with their own server-name.json files, the server scripts can be different per server.

The interception points which will fire a server script are:

  • preServerStart

  • onServerStart

  • onServerInstall

  • onServerInitialInstall

  • onServerStop

  • preServerForget

  • postServerForget

Read more about when these interception points fire here.

Configure server scripts like so in your server.json:

        "onServerInstall":"cfpm list"

Ad-hoc server scripts

Just like package scripts, you can also create ad-hoc scripts for a given server. They are executed with the server run-script command. Define them as additional keys in the scripts block.

    "name" : "My Server"
        "myScript":"server log --follow"

And run them like so:

server run-script myScript

Running multiple commands

You can run several commands into a single one using &&. You can also do this by specifying an array of strings instead of a string like so:

  "name" : "My Server",
  "scripts" : {
      "updateCode" : [
          "server stop",
          "!git pull",
          "server start"

This can be much more readable for multiple commands. Note, this is functionality equivalent to using &&, which means any erroring command will stop execution.

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