Lifecycle Methods

Every module follows a sequence of steps when it is loaded and unloaded. Modules are automatically loaded for you when CommandBox starts up, but here are some ways for a module to affect how it loads.

Life-cycle Events

There are two life-cycle callback events you can declare in your ModuleConfig.cfc:

  • onLoad() - Called when the module is loaded and activated

  • onUnLoad() - Called when the module is unloaded from memory

This gives you great hooks for you to do bootup and shutdown procedures for this specific module.

function onLoad(){'Module loaded successfully.' );

function onUnLoad(){'Module unloaded successfully.' );

Custom Events

The ModuleConfig.cfc object itself is an interceptor so you can declare all of the CLI's interception points in the configuration object and they will be registered as interceptors.

function preCommand( interceptData ){
    // I just intercepted ALL Commands in the CLI'The command executed is #interceptData.CommandInfo.commandString#');

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