CommandBox has a powerful utility that can be used to watch a folder of files for changes and fire arbitrary code when changes happen. The utility will block execution of the command until the user stops it with Ctrl+C. To use a watcher in your command, there is a method called watch() in the base command class that you can call. It has a nice DSL of chainable methods to configure it.

    .paths( '**.cfc' )
    .inDirectory( getCWD() )
    .withDelay( 5000 )
    .onChange( function() {

        print.line( 'Something changed!' );
        command( 'testbox run' )

    } )

Here's a rundown of the methods used above in the DSL.

  • paths( ... ) - Receives a comma-delimtied list of globbing patterns to watch for changes. (defaults to **)

  • inDirectory( ... ) - Set the base directory that the file globs are relative to. (defaults to current working directory)

  • withDelay( ... ) - Set the number of milliseconds between polling the file system. (defaults to 500 ms)

  • onChange( ... ) - Pass a closure to be executed when a change has occurred.

  • start() - Starts the watcher. Always call this at the end of the DSL chain

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