Misc Settings

These are some one-off settings that doen't really belong anywhere else.



This setting affects how CommandBox invokes the shell for the run command or when using the !binary shortcut. The default *nix shell used for the run command is /bin/sh but you can override it to use a custom shell. Set the full path to the shell binary.

config set nativeShell=/bin/zsh
config show nativeShell



Running the bump command from a Git repo will attempt to tag the repo unless you provide the tagVersion parameter. This setting provides a global default to prevent CommandBox from trying to tag Git repos.

config set tagVersion=false
config show tagVersion



Running the bump command from a Git repo will tag the repo using the format v{version} such as v1.0.0 or v4.3.6. You can remove the v or swap it for another prefix using the tagPrefix parameter. Remember, another string like foo1.2.3 will not be parseable by CommandBox as a valid semver. This setting can be overriden by the tagPrefix parameter to the bump command.

config set tagPrefix=''
config show tagPrefix



You can control where your artifact cache is stored with the artifactsDirectory config setting. This can be useful to keep your primary drive from filling up, or to point your files to a shared network drive that your coworkers can share.

config set artifactsDirectory=/path/to/artifacts
config show artifactsDirectory

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