CommandBox can install UDFs from the popular site Each project on CFLib is a single CFML function. You can find UDFs via the web site and copy the URL slug for a given UDF to use in your installation.

For example, if the URL to a given UDF is, the slug you'll want to use would be CalculateWindChill.

Standard Installation

To install a package from CFLib, use the slug from the website's URL like so:

install cflib:AreaParallelogram

This will create a folder in your installation directory named after the UDF containing a .cfm file of the same name. The above command would create the following folder:


That file contains a single function that you can call. It is up to you to include that file where ever you want to use the UDF.

include '/AreaParallelogram/AreaParallelogram.cfm';
var area = AreaParallelogram( base, height );

ColdBox Installation

If you're using ColBox, you can use a slightly different version of the CFLib endpoint called CFLib-ColdBox which will wrap up the UDF inside a CFC and place it in an ad-hoc module which automatically registers the model with WireBox.

install cflib-coldbox:AreaParallelogram

This frees you up from needing to manually include the file. Once you install the module, you can immediately ask WireBox for the UDF using the convention UDFName@cflib. WireBox will register this mapping by convention so there is no additional setup required to use the UDF.

var area = getInstance( `AreaParallelogram@cflib` ).AreaParallelogram( base, height );

Or inject the wrapped UDF to use in your handlers or models.

component {
    // Inject the UDF wrapped in a CFC
    property name='areaHelper' inject='AreaParallelogram@cflib';

    function onDIComplete() {
        var area = areaHelper.AreaParallelogram( base, height );

Package Metadata

Packages installed from the CFLib endpoint don't have any way to get new version information. They will always show as outdated using the outdated or update commands and their downloads will not get stored in the artifact cache.

In box.json

You can specify packages from the CFLib endpoint as dependencies in your box.json in this format.

    "dependencies" : {
        "AreaParallelogram" : "cflib:AreaParallelogram"
        "FahrenheitToCelsius" : "cflib-coldbox:FahrenheitToCelsius"

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