Test Watcher

This is an extension of the testbox run command but will watch the files in a directory and run the default TestBox suite on any file change.

testbox watch

In order for this command to work, you need to have started your server and configured the URL to the test runner in your box.json.

package set testbox.runner=http://localhost:8080/tests/runner.cfm
server start
testbox watch

You can also control what files to watch.

testbox watch **.cfc

If you need more control over what tests run and their output, you can set additional options in your box.json which will be picked up automatically by testbox run when it fires.

package set testbox.verbose=false
package set testbox.labels=foo
package set testbox.testSuites=bar
package set testbox.watchDelay=1000
package set testbox.watchPaths=/models/**.cfc

This command will run in the foreground until you stop it. When you are ready to shut down the watcher, press Ctrl+C.

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