Starting as a Service

When using CommandBox on a staging or production server, you may wish to start up servers as a service when the OS comes online. The recommended approach is to use the CommandBox Service Manager Module, which is a commercial module that handles all major operating systems (Linux, Mac, Windows) automatically.

See screencast here:

Alternatively, you can manually do so following one of these community guides.


See screencast here:


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CentOS/RHEL/Ubuntu (system.d)

Create a .service file

nano /usr/lib/systemd/system/mySite.service

as follows:

Description=mySite Service

ExecStart=/usr/bin/box server start /var/www/mySiteAPI/server.json


Start the service

systemctl start mySite.service

Give the service about a minute to load up, then check its status

systemctl status mySite.service

Once you've verified the service is running as expected, enable the service to load at boot

systemctl enable mySite.service

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