Public Properties

You can control how CommandBox loads your module by setting optional settings in the this scope.

  • this.autoMapModels - Will automatically map all model objects under the models folder in WireBox using @modulename as part of the alias.

  • this.modelNamespace - The name of the namespace to use when registering models in WireBox. Defaults to name of the module.

  • this.cfmapping - The CF mapping that will be registered for you that points to the root of the module. Defaults to name of the module.

  • this.disabled - You can manually disable a module from loading and registering.

  • this.dependencies - An array of dependent module names. All dependencies will be registered and activated FIRST before the module declaring them

    // Module Properties
    this.autoMapModels = true;
    this.modelNamespace = "test";
    this.cfmapping = "test";
    this.dependencies = [ "otherModule", "coolModule" ];

  function configure(){}

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